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Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Shopping Spree

We’ve all been in this very scenario: we slide open the door to a disorganized closet and search endlessly for a perfect outfit, finally settling on our go-to garment—which happens to have a gaping tear in the sleeve. But instead of sulking, your ripped shirt becomes a harbinger of something good—you’ve been overdue for a closet revamp for a while, and that tear is finally making your shopping wheels spin. But before you pile your closet high with a brand new wardrobe, there are some common shopping spree mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Don’t end up with an empty wallet and clothes that don’t suit you—follow our tips below and be the smartest shopper to ever grace a store. Not...

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The History of Fashion: Fashion Through the Ages

Fashion is a language that has evolved throughout the ages. Some want to stand out from the crowd, while others choose pieces based on comfort. What’s more, is neither of these things is mutually exclusive. Whatever your fashion language is, there’s a statement you make through what you wear.  When Melania Trump donned a jacket emblazoned with the message “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” on her way to visiting a children’s shelter in the height of a national debate around controversial family separation policies, it became international news.  And this definitely isn’t a new concept. Who can forget Madonna’s iconic outfit in her “Like a Virgin” music video? The combination of rosary beads paired with a provocative bridal gown...

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The Fast Fashion Debate

What exactly is fast fashion? Well, it’s a lot like fast food. It’s produced quickly, is readily available in more than one location, and is designed for the purposes of mass production. 80 billion cheap, inferior-quality fast-fashion garments are made each year, and with such a high production volume, materials are discarded from an unprecedented number of shoppers’ closets every day. The fast fashion debate has continued for much too long. Ultimately, fast fashion is not only the opposite of timeless, quality, long-lasting apparel--it’s a burden on our resources, and even ourselves.  Environmental Concerns of Fast Fashion  Fast fashion and the miles of fabric that come with quick trends have become one of the fastest-growing categories of waste, and a...

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Style that Tells Your Story: Fashion as Communication

Have you ever seen pictures of Kenyan tribesmen with large, circular pieces of jewelry in their ears? It’s today’s equivalent of tapers or plugs. In Kenyan culture, body modification signaled superiority and wisdom. The practice has roots that date back centuries and it’s speculated that in a tribal setting, the bigger the jewelry, the better the individual.  Now, body modification in the form of tattoos or piercings still tells someone’s story. They’re a way to elevate a look, add flair to your presence, and give insight to passersby as to who you might be or what your interests are. And in today’s world, everything we wear can be seen as an extension of ourselves—a means of communicating who we are.  ...

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Identity Crisis: Solved, How Fashion Helps us Define Who We Are

Fashion means something different for everyone. In exploring everything from counterfeit culture to cultural appropriation, fashion has some sensitive topics. Still, it persists as a powerful cultural phenomenon across the world. For most, style is more than any one thing. It usually draws upon elements that have some ethnic or cultural basis. It may be influenced by music you listen to, or the art you consume. Even the makers of TV shows create merchandise fashioned for the sole purpose of satisfying their fan base. The idea that fashion is a means of expressing culture, and/or identity, is not a new one. However, it is constantly evolving. Consider, for example, drag culture—the adoption of hyper-feminine, diva-inspired makeup, and possessing the ability to...

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